Between one Christmas and the next

A lot happens between one Christmas and the next.

At Christmas time, we find a space to take stock of it all.

When we stop and reflect during a moment at the crib, at table with family, caught in traffic or when we lay down at night, the great mystery of our human story surrounds us.

It is into this complex human story that the Son of God was born; it is into our story that he continues to pour hope; it is in the heart and soul of each of us that Christ wishes to lay his head.

The crib represents a new beginning for mankind and for each of us. At Christmas time we give thanks to God that this new beginning has come among us – and has been given the name “God-with-us”. “He is Christ the Lord.”

Bandon parish is a community of people who try to place this mystery at the heart of all our lives – not just today but throughout the year. The parish is blessed with people of all ages and in all walks of life who share their faith, hope and love generously.

At Christmas, we acknowledge and give thanks for all the good that is in the hearts of the people of the parish and for all who make the parish what it is.

We are mindful, too, and keep in our prayers the many parishioners for whom this Christmas will be a difficult time because of loss, tragedies and disappointments of the past year.

We extend a sincere welcome to all who will be spending their first Christmas in Bandon – to every newborn child, to everyone who moved here during the year, and to all who are passing through.

To all who have returned to spent these sacred days with family – you’re welcome home!

The crib will be taken down again in a few weeks but may we hold onto everything it stands for – God’s abiding care for each of us.

May you be blessed, safe and at peace this Christmas.

(Published in Bandon Parish Newsletter, Dec 23, 2007)

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