Amazing how time flies. Amazing how digital time flies, too. By this I mean that I noticed today that I have digital images on my computer that I took this time 10 years ago and here was I thinking I didn’t have a digital camera that long! So I browsed my November 2003 folder and a second November thought jumped up at me. So many of the photos feature people who are no longer with us in this earthly toil.
My godfather and uncle Jerome died this month 10 years ago. I offered a month’s mind Mass for him at his home with his sister Mary, neighbours and near relatives. I took a few pictures after the Mass but almost every photo has one person in it who has died since. May they all be reunited in the home of the Lord.
The photos also featured a few ‘recent arrivals’ too of course, including this one of baby Eoin Collins (my nephew) seen with his dad John and Jerome’s neighbour Gerald O’Donovan – all of whom are still thriving, thank God. In fact Eoin’s most recent news for me is that his iPod is full – mostly with selfies!. See what I mean by digital time flying!!