One of the high heels couldn’t stand still while she stood at the lectern. The shiny coordinated shoes were carefully chosen for today and for this special part which she had been assigned by her friend. It’s such a special thing to be chosen from among all the family, friends and cousins to read something, anything, at the wedding Mass. But it can be a privilege that petrifies.

When that moment arrives and the priest mentions your name from the altar, it’s time to make that long walk from the pew to the ambo and hope that nothing comes apart.

And when she gets there, there it is: “an elixir”. “A loyal friend is the elixir of life, and those who fear the Lord will find one.” (The dictionary says an elixir is a medicinal potion.)

And as she wraps her tongue comfortably around the unfamiliar phrases of the bible, that high heel keeps revealing an inner turbulence. It’s wrapping itself around the ankle of the other foot; then stands on the ground again, but only for a second and it’s off again striking the marble of the ambo and back to the other foot.

And all the while the congregation is admiring – not just the word of the Lord but the calm way she reads. This, as well as figuring out which side she belongs to, as the two become one. And who is she here with? And she didn’t let them down, sure she didn’t.

On her hurried way back to her seat, the bride smiles approvingly as if to say ‘I knew you could do it’. And head and toe are once again in symmetry and no elixir required.