The eight-year-old child put her hand up. Teacher asked what her question was.

“Are you the new church guy?” she blurted out.

Out of the lips of babes …!

Back of my CD player
The photos is the rear of my CD player and I took my sound system apart! Yes, there was a time when good sound only came from a stack of electric devices attached to large speakers!

But she’s correct. I am in a whole new place since my last post on this blog. After 12 happy years living and ministering in Enniskeane, I have moved to Clonakilty and its surrounding parishes on the south coast of County Cork.

My bothers and sisters and their families and a few close friends and parishioners took care of the packing, moving and stacking!

So now I am on a journey of new discoveries. New people, new schools, unfamiliar buildings, new old systems.

Ad it’s going to take a lot of time.

But we’ll get there … together.